ReliantHeart VADLink™ Network
for aVAD™ Patients

The ReliantHeart VADLink Network is the World’s only remote monitoring service, connecting clinicians to the patients supported by the aVAD.  As a clinician, you have 24/7 access – via a secure Internet website – to trended reports offering information on true flow, speed and power. These diagnostic reports can be exported to your hospital network or EHR for saving to the patient file.

In addition, you can receive VADLink VADAlert Notifications which provide alerts to potential issues before they become problems. You may set thresholds for power, speed and flow that are unique to each patient and if a threshold is violated an alert is sent to you in the form of an e-mail.

While online and viewing the aVAD data, you may request a 10 second display of a real time wave form. The wave form display may add clarity to the trends of flow, power and speed.

ReliantHeart VADAlert™ Notifications

Customizable Notifications

The VADLink website offers notifications that are customizable by group. Notification options are modified to each User’s needs in the Notification section of Settings. Users have the option to receive alarm notifications via email from all of the patients in the hospital, or only the selected group(s).

Critical Alarms

  • VAD Disconnected
  • Both Batteries Disconnected
  • Pump Stopped

Other Alarms

  • Low Flow
  • Excess Current
  • Low Speed
  • Battery Discharged
  • Battery Expired
  • Battery Disconnected

VADLink™ Mobile Viewing

Now you can access the same data available on the VADLink Network from your smart phone.

  • Direct mobile access to reports on the VADLink Network
  • Review ReliantHeart VADAlerts anytime from anywhere in cell phone range so you can triage clinical events and take action*

*The patient controller must be in cell range. Data is not transmitted if the patient controller is in airplane mode or out of range.